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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

TLMweb® AP DEO websites

Andhra Pradesh State All District DEO Websites _ List of all Districts DEO Office Websites

AP DEO's Websites, APDEO's New Websites, AP District wise Official Webportals, DEOAnantapur ,DEO East Godavari,DEO Guntur,DEO Kadapa,DEO Krishna,DEO Kurnool,DEO Nellore,DEO Prakasham,DEO Srikakulam,DEOVishakapatnam,DEOVizianagaram,DEO West Godavari,DEO Chittoor DEO's district wise official websites,district wise teachers information, seniority lists are available at district's official web portal, district wise teachers transfers information at deo's web portals, IV Category Lists

Check the following website for getting the following information:APState District wise District Educational Offier's/DEO's Official Websites or DEO Office Official Web portals for getting information of Teachers Transfers, Promotions and Rationalisation
1. Tentative  Teachers Transfers Vacancies List,
2. Teachers Seniority list,
3. Transfers Schedule,
4. Teachers Transfers Promotions,
5. Teachers Seniority Lists for Promotions in ZP Sector,Govt. Sector,
6. Subject and Post wise Clear Vacancies in Plain and Agency Area,
7.  5 or 8 Years Service Completed List at Present School,
8. Category Wise Schools List In each district District,
9. Teacher Posts Vacancies for DSC 2015
10. IV Category Schools List
  1. Ananthapur     
  2. Chittor    
  3.  East Godavari     
  4. Guntur
  5. Krishna          
  6. Kurnool     
  7.  Prakasam       
  8.  SPSR Nellore
  9. Srikakulam      
  10. Vishaka Patnam        
  11. Vizianagaram
  12. West Godavari           
  13. YSR Kadapa

Thanks for reading TLMweb® AP DEO websites

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