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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Past modals (Could have, should have, would have)

Past modals (Could have, should have, would have)

Could have should have would have
Make the correct past modal form (use could have / would have / should have + past participle)

1) I ......(buy) bread but I didn't know we needed it. (past possibility)

[ could have bought ]

2) We ..........(invite) so many people to our party! I'm worried that we won't have enough room for everyone. (past negative advice / regret)

[ shouldn't have invited ]

3) I .........(start) saving money years ago! (past advice / regret)

[ should have started ]

4) We ..........(join) you at the restaurant, but we couldn't get a babysitter. (past willingness)

[ would have joined ]

5) The weather .........(be) any worse! (past negative possibility)

[ couldn't have been ]

6) I ........(arrive) on time, even if I'd left earlier. There were dreadful traffic jams all the way. (past negative possibility)

[ couldn't have arrived ]

7) They .........(win) the football match, but John hurt his ankle. (past possibility)

[ could have won ]

8) Amanda ......(finish) the work, but she felt ill and had to go home. (past willingness)

[ would have finished ]

9) Lucy ........(leave) earlier. She missed her flight. (past advice / regret)

[ should have left ]

10) We ........(finish) the game, even if we'd wanted to. It was raining very hard and we had to stop. (past negative possibility)

[ couldn't have finished ]

11) I ........(eat) so much chocolate! I feel sick! (past negative advice / regret)

[ shouldn't have eaten ]

12) Luke ........(pass) the exam if he'd studied a bit more. (past possibility)

[ could have passed ]

13) John ........(call) Amy, but he didn't have her number. (past willingness)

[ would have called ]

14) You .......(be) rude to him. He's going to be really angry now. (past negative advice / regret)

[ shouldn't have been ]

15) She ........(come) to the restaurant if she'd left work earlier. (past possibility)

[ could have come ]

16) You ........(take) this job. I can see you're not enjoying it. (past negative advice / regret)

[ shouldn't have taken ]

17) The race was really difficult. She ......(win) because she's not fit enough. (past negative possibility)

[ couldn't have won ]

18) Our neighbours .....(cut) down the tree in their garden. It was a really beautiful tree. (past negative advice / regret)

[ shouldn't have cut ]

19) The children ......(do) their homework last night. Then they wouldn't be panicking on the way to school. (past advice / regret)

[ should have done ]

20) I'm really cold! I ....(bring) my coat. (past advice / regret)

[ should have brought ]

21) I ........(come) to see you! I didn't know you were ill. (past willingness)

[ would have come ]

22) Andrew .......(go) to Cambridge University, but he decided to travel instead. (past possibility)

[ could have gone ]

23) They ........(be) kinder to me. They were absolutely lovely. (past negative possibility)

[ couldn't have been ]

24) You .......(buy) some milk at the shops. We don't have any milk. (past advice / regret)

[ should have bought ]

25) They .......(come) to have breakfast with us, but they went to bed too late the night before. (past willingness)

[ would have come ]

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