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Monday, October 5, 2020

11th PRC Proposed scales for teachers

11th PRC Proposed scales for teachers
AP 11th PRC Report Proposals key Points | AP PRC 2018 Proposed HRA, AAS, Special Pay and New Scale of Pay
Increment rate : 2.5% to 3%
HRA  30% 25%20% 18%&15%.
Muncipality radius enhanced 8km to 10km.
Spl Pay : 1000 /1500/ 2000( area wise)
AAs : 5/10/15/20/25 yrs
Fitment: 54%
Scale grades reduced from 32 to 30
Medical reimbursement should be fully abolished & EHS should be strengthened.
Child care leave enhanced  up to 2yrs
Scale of pay categories
1.SGT : 38530-90380
2.SA  : 51770-116940
3.HM  : 65210-
Pension Proposal:
Gratuity  :20 lakh
Obsequious fare: 3000/
Weightage: 8yrs
Pension (full) qualified service: 30yrs
Voulentary/medical retirement yrs enhanced from 5yrs to 8yrs.
Family pension:enhanced 30% to 40%
Restoration of pension: reduced from 15yrs to 12yrs
Quantum pension:reduced from 75yrs to 70 yrs
All allowances should be enhanced 100%

11th PRC Proposed AAS scales

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