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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Updated Jagananna Gorumudda MDM IMMS App Download

Updated  Jagananna Gorumudda MDM IMMS App Download

Jagananna Gorumudda (MDM) Scheme - Monitoring of the Scheme through mobile application and dashboard.

IMMS - Integrated monitoring for Mid Day Meals and Sanitation Application updated ver.1.0.4 on 08.01.2021.

1. 1.Contact Details module Changes

2.Notice Board with circular download

3.Director login issue fix. 

4.User Rating in the AI module.

CSE MDM released new APK for IMMS with new features like 

1. Edit school basic information like HM details and SHG details, 

2. EWA and VO details tagging edit provision in HM login.

3. Relaxation of accuracy in Photo capturing etc.. 

Download MDM IMMS Application  

Thanks for reading Updated Jagananna Gorumudda MDM IMMS App Download

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