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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Proceedings to ensure that teachers take responsibility for each teacher enrolling 10 students and ONE LAKH new enrolment in our district.

In view of all interests taken by State Government on School Education , by the way Mana Badi - Nadu - Nedu , Jagananna Ammavodi , Jagananna Gorumudda , Jagananna Kanuka and others , infrastructure of all the schools have been enhanced in all aspects parents have been encouraged to send their children to schools by Jagananna Ammavodi Jagananna kanuka to all the students provides everything to study the respective class through the academic year 2020-21 . Modern technology like QR code in Text Books , Digital Class rooms and Virtual class rooms available in our schools which helps the teachers to educate the students in international standards . All most all the schools have adequate staff and the teachers are well qualified , well versed and skill full in educating the future citizens of India , During the academic year 2019-20 all the students from I to X are declared as " ALL PASS " and present academic year 2020-21 have already started , but the students are not allowed to schools due to Covid - 19 besides this many of the Hostel / migrant students have returned to their native villages who are to be identified and to be continued their studies in local Government sector schools without any gap / break in their education In this context all the Deputy Educational Officers , Mandal Educational Officers , Principals of Residential schools , Special Officers of KGBVs and Headmasters of high schools Upper primary Schools and Primary schools and each teacher in the district is instructed to plan awareness programs to the parents in your catchment area to aware them about the facilities available and better opportunities to study in Government Schools and enroll every 5+ to 14+ child in your respective school . It is expected to be a strength growth period till the regular schools begins Government sector schools . Atleast ONE LAKH new enrolment must be achieved in our district for Government sector schools i.e. in an average each teachers has to enroll atleast 10 New enrolment . The following steps to be followed to achieve the target for improve the enrolment in Government sector schools in the district . 

1. Deputy Educational Officer : Deputy Educational Officer has to instruct the Headmasters of secondary schools to collect the List of Students from the concerned Mandal Educational Officer and distribute the name wise students to the teachers for awareness about the schools and admitting them into Government Schools

2. Mandal Educational Officer : Mandal Educational Officer has to gather the list of students from the Jagananna Ammavodi Mandal login and divide the students of other than Government Sector schools from the list and divide the students habitation / catchment area wise where the student is residing . Communicate the respective list to the Primary . Upper Primary and High Schools in the catchment area . Collect the list of students duly mapped to the teachers by the Headmaster in MS - excel form and submit the same to the District Educational Officer through Deputy Educational Officer concerned for further course of action immediately 

4. Headmaster of Primary , Upper Primary and High Schools Collect the lists from the Mandal Educational Officer and distribute the list among your school staff . Instruct the teachers to visit the parents of the students in the list and make awareness about the Government Schools , its advantages , benefits and convince them to join their children in your school . Submit the student mapped teachers list to the concerned Mandal Educational Officer immediately . Soon after admission of the new students , collect all the details of the students pertaining to Jagananna Ammavodi , Jagananna Kanuka in the prescribed formats which are in use . 

3. Teachers of Primary , Upper Primary and High Schools : Visit the parents of students who are attached to you by your head the institution with the help of Parent Committee Members and Grama Sachivalayam Volunteers and make awareness about your School , its advantages , benefits and convince them to join their children in your school Every teacher of every Educational Institution must take the responsibility of joining all the students mapped by Mandal Educational Officer 1 Headmaster to him / her in Government Schools . Complete the task before 15.07.2020 All Deputy Educational Officers and Mandal Educational Officers in the district are instructed to consolidate the total enrollment in your concern areas once in a week and report compliance on every Saturday 

Thanks for reading Proceedings to ensure that teachers take responsibility for each teacher enrolling 10 students and ONE LAKH new enrolment in our district.

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