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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Diksha: Course Module-1:Curriculum and Inclusive Classrooms

 Diksha: Course Module-1:Curriculum and Inclusive Classrooms


Course 1: Curriculum and Inclusive Classrooms, NISHTHA, AP DIKSHA....

NISHTHA  National Initiative for school Heads and teachers Holistic Advancement For Elementary Stage School Teachers

Module -1 Portfolio Activity submission

Prepare the Portfolio of the topic on a word document, PDF or scanned copies of hand written pages.
It should be prepared with your own understanding of the topic, it can be of 1 or 2 pages which also consists of relevant images or graphs or data.
Teachers can submit their portfolio on Module-1 from 19-10-2020 to 30-10-2020 Module (Course)-1: Selection of medium of course is your choice.

Module (Course)-1: Selection of medium of course is your choice.

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Thanks for reading Diksha: Course Module-1:Curriculum and Inclusive Classrooms

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