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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Aadhaar - Pan linking

              Aadhaar - Pan

Aadhaar - Pan  linking
  1. The Aadhaar Pan linking deadline announced by the Income Tax Department is just seven days away.
  2.  This expires on the 31st of this month. Pan Aadhar Linking.
  3.  The Income Tax Department has stated that whoever is unable to link, their PAN number is invalid.
  4.  PAN link with Aadhaar but not earlier this month, IT officials have announced that their PAN number will no longer be issued and they will no longer be able to issue a PAN card.
  5.  If any transaction is made after 31st, it is not legal.
  6. Pan Aadhaar has already been suggested to check them once they are linked.


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